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When I was looking to refi I had no idea how easy it could be. Justin and his team made this process so incredibly easy. From start to finish we signed docs and closed in ten days. I’m definitely working with his team again in the future!
-AJ Giersch

I was contacted by Justin at Franklin Mortgage while working on a second effort at refinance of my home, the first one having failed. I was worn out and had to be relentlessly persuaded to start a third process.
I am very lucky he was so persistent. The second lender had already taken 6 weeks. Justin promised to close in 3. The second lender also proceeded to reduce my loan amount in the qualification process and to increase my closing costs. Justin promised the same loan as the second lender’s original offer except his closing costs were about $8000 less which on a cash out loan meant $8000 more in my pocket at closing. The amount I received at closing ended up being higher than he originally promised. The loan closed on Sept 9 after I first applied on August 16th. The deal was exactly as originally promised, but better.
Anyone who gets a chance, should contact Justin and Franklin Mortgage to finance their home. His integrity and communication are second to none.
-Ward Smith

MUST READ!!!!! We ALMOST were about to pay over $30K in loan fees, but thank god I picked up the phone and called Justin!! Due to our financial situation, we were told by the broker we were working with that we had no other options and had to pay a few points in order to get a descent rate. Although we had already started the Refi process with someone else, I did something I’ve never done before – I called Justin. I’ve never called someone else in the middle of an already started Refi. But it was the BEST decision I made!!
THAT one call transpired into us obtaining a loan with a significantly lower rate than what we started out with AND huge savings of over $24K in upfront loan fees!!!!!
I can’t thank Justin and Ro enough for their dedication and commitment throughout the whole process. You guys are the best!!
-Sunny C.

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