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Connor McGrath

Connor McGrath joins the Franklin Loan Center family as Executive Mortgage Banker with over 2.5 years of top level performance and customer service in the mortgage industry. He is truly interested in getting to know his clients and determining if there is a way to provide a mortgage solution. Connor prides himself on always putting […]

Chad Dusatko

Chad Dusatko is excited to be a part of the Fraklin Direct team and is committed to serving with efficiency and integrity. In his years of service, he has found that listening and clarity are crucial to best help customers reach their goals. Two things that have led to his successful career. Chad loves working […]

Julius Washington

Julius Washington is a top-ranked loan officer with a consistent track record of success. His keen ability to understand a client’s financial goals has allowed him to help thousands of individuals make owning their dream home a reality. A priceless value that sets him apart from the rest. Throughout the years, his relentless work ethic […]

Tyler Aimer

Tyler is a Licensed Loan Officer with a passion for helping others. After spending nearly a decade working in Sales, Tyler knows what’s most important in a business relationship and friendship. It’s how well you connect with the hearts of people you’re striving to help and communicate your understanding back to them. Tyler has been […]

Alex Sagaro

Alex Sagaro has led an impressive career as a loan consultant and adviser in his seven years of working in the mortgage industry. Before joining Franklin Direct , Alex launched his career at a top lender where he was responsible for helping and educating his customers reach their financial goals. His expertise and commitment through […]